Edna is your trusty boss and stalwart companion in this desolate existence. Don't mistake her superficial kindness for weakness; she's in this for the money, fame, and fortune.

Earl, a hardened mutant exterminator in a world ravaged by apocalypse. Civilization has crumbled, replaced by a perilous wasteland roamed by ferocious mutant tribes.

Founded in January 2023, as Falling State Inc. We are passionate and committed to making kick ass games! The beautiful Salt Lake City is where we live. Come by sometime and say hello!
Colter Haycock
CEO / co-founder
Has a 14-year track record leading teams behind smash hits like Animal Jam, Tag with Ryan, and Tunnel Town, games that have captivated hundreds of millions of players worldwide.

If he isn't playing with his kids or out hiking, he's likely listening to an audiobook or rocking out to Disney music.
Dave Geurts
CTO / co-founder
Got his start in the video game industry in 1997 as a QA tester. He has worked for six video game companies including Microsoft and MTV.com, brings ten years of game industry experience, and tech and business chops that extend to a successful SaaS startup where he served as co-founder and CTO before its acquisition.

Is scared of sharks, zerg rush and loosely typed languages.
Ed Britton
Principal Engineer / co-founder
Game-making wizard with 20 years in the industry. His portfolio includes too many games to count on two hands, including hits like Super Mega Worm and Snoopy Flying Ace.

It has been prophesied that he will lead the human resistance in the AI apocolypse.
Contact Us
Reach us telapahtically on 136.10 hz
Earl vs. The Mutants accepted in steam next fest!!!! OMG letsss goooo
1/22/2024 - Steam Next Fest
Earl demo will be featured on steam next fest from February 5th - February 12th <3 :)
1/21/2024 - View Article
WOW --- IGN added Earl vs The Mutants to their featured trailers page!
1/21/2024 - Watch Video
GameTrailers Youtube channel picked up on the trailer
Carlos Gallego
1/25/2024 - Watch Video
@cgnnerpio Plays Earl on youtube.
The Hobo Gamer plays Earl on youtube
1/25/2024 - Watch Video
TheHoboGamer Plays our game on youtube! <3 much love
Gaming on Linux
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Gaming on Linux covers earl and provides a quick review
The one and noly vievnl plays Earl
1/24/2024 - Watch Video
@vievnl plays Earl!
Mr Shina!
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Redian plays earl on their youtube channel
1/23/2024 - Watch Video
@Redian Plays earl on youtube channel
InVideogame plays earl
1/23/2024 - Watch Video
@InVideogame plays earl
One of our favorite streamers - Itstsubaki Plays earl on twitch!
1/23/2024 - Watch Video
@Itstsubaki_tv Streams earl play!
neiziyo_ttv the cutest streaming couple ever plays earl!
1/23/2024 - Watch Video
@neiziyo_ttv Dynamic duo plays earl
JoyKEY plays earl on youtube
1/23/2024 - Watch Video
@joykeygaming Plays earl on youtube
avidisodd plays earl on youtube
1/23/2024 - Watch Video
@avidisodd Plays earl
A good friend MrKnossig plays earl and talks to devs on stream
1/23/2024 - Watch Video
@mrknossig Plays earl and streams
Oroboro does earl dare drops
1/23/2024 - Watch Video
@OroboroTV Plays on
DrIncompetent Plays Earl.
1/24/2024 - Watch Video
@DrIncompetent1 Plays Earl vs The Mutants
Its only cap twitcher streams earl
1/24/2024 - Watch Video
@ItsOnlyCap Streams a play of earl of twitch
1/23/2024 - Watch Video
@UltraC covers Earl demo on youtube!
1/22/2024 - View Article
BloodyDisgusting horror news website covers Earl Demo
Daniccus & Hunter
1/21/2024 - Watch Video
@daniccus One of our favorite streamers gives Earl a spin!
MadMorph covers on tiktok
1/20/2024 - Watch Video
@madmorph Big game influencer coveres Earl on tiktok!
BlueThunderGaming covers on tiktok
1/20/2024 - Watch Video
@blue_thundergaming WOW one of our favortie tiktokers covered Earl!
BaerTaffy on youtube reviews the demo
1/20/2024 - Watch Video
@BaerTaffy One of the coolest youtubers around reviews Earl vs. The Mutants
OHRye youtuber reviews the demo
1/19/2024 - Watch Video
@OHRyePlays Super cool youtuber gives earl a spin!
Covered on GameSpace
1/18/2024 - News Coverage
PR picked up and covered by gamespace
CletusBueford drops Earl on twitter
1/18/2024 - View Post
Covered on Blues News!!!
1/18/2024 - News Coverage
Utah founded video game news website picks up on Earl PR announcement
Earl vs. The Mutants - DEMO LAUNCHED!
1/18/2024 - Play Demo
OMG OMG OMG we are beyong excited to announce that our demo is live on steam for free!
1UP PR covers Earl vs. The Mutants
1/16/2024 - View Press Release
New Gameplay Trailer
1/16/2024 - View Trailer
Our new gameplay trailer just went live. Demo is out in 2 days! We are beyond excited
Earl Creators Club Launched
1/11/2024 - Apply for club!
Streamers and content creators join for exclusive access and rewards!
Earl Pintrest
1/10/2024 - Visit Pins
Earl pinterest page is live.
Earl vs. The Mutants - Game Announcement Press Release
10/4/2023 - Read More
Earl vs. The Mutants - Steam Page Live
10/1/2023 - Visit
Holy crap, we are beyond excited to finally have a home for our game. Getting the tingles, it feels like this is really happening!
Earl vs. The Mutants - News Launched
9/27/2023 - Visit News
All the exciting things going on with earl vs the mutants
Earl vs. The Mutants - Announcement Gameplay Trailer Released
9/28/2023 - Watch
Company Announcement - Press Release
9/25/2023 - Read More
After 9 months of heads-down development, Falling State Inc. is breaking the silence and officially announcing its founding – and what better way to celebrate than with the heart-pounding excitement of a press release? The company was founded by game industry veterans Dave Geurts, Colter Haycock, and Ed Britton, boasting a combined 45 years experience making games. Ok, only 44 years, but 45 sounds better.
Company Founded!!!
The second most important event in the last 2024 years.